Cast Supper Menus

Menus | Salads

A list of some of our favorites

Kale and Quinoa with lemon truffle vinaigrette

Organic greens with pan roasted wild mushrooms, fine herbs vinaigrette and goat cheese

Classic Caesar

Tex Mex Chop: Roasted corn, pepitas, tomato, pinto beans, tortillas

Heirloom “Caprese”

Baby Greens: Pomegranate, gorgonzola, Pecans and
Balsamic Vinaigrette

Classic Chinese Chicken: Mandarines, Rice Noodles, Almonds and Sesame Vinaigrette

Thai Shrimp and Noodle: Tomato, Thai basil, Cucumber and Chili

Southwest Corn: Roasted Corn, Jicama, Green Chili, Cotija Cheese and honey-lime dressing

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